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In Dream Bridgeman Academy, we believe in the motto: “Dream big, fly high.” We provide children an enabling environment with the necessary tools, motivate and guide them to dream big, have a vision, and make it a reality. The Academy adopts a modern approach to teaching and learning and operates within the Oxford International Curriculum. The curriculum supports the practice of healthy habits of body and mind to enhance the students’ lives and give them skills they can apply today and in the future.

The Dream Bridgeman Way

We believe that curiosity leads to learning. Therefore, we provide our students an enabling environment and encourage them to be curious, explore, use their senses, discover new things and ideas, and take part in different experiences to become lifelong learners.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Small Village
Creative Freedom /Art
Swimming Pool
Multicultural Environment
Extracurricular Activities

Meet The Team

Anna Karamyan
Emmanuel Siaw
Mane Sargsyan
Mike Hratch
Nathalie Bitarian
Name Lastname
Zara Armaghanyan
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Address: Leningradyan 31/12
Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: +374 93 703005