Creative freedom

Creative freedom

The Academy offers a big library and a theater that teachers leverage into their sessions. The books in our library are chosen purposefully and meticulously under the Oxford International Curriculum and align with the Dream Bridgeman Academy’s moral values.
After reading a book, children can take inspiration from the story and use their imagination to perform an act on the Academy’s theater stage. The stage theater will also help children communicate, collaborate, express themselves, and enjoy new experiences. Children will also learn how to appreciate music by integrating it into their daily sessions.
Creative freedom allows students to overcome communication barriers and create confidence. In addition, art provides a natural and safe way for children to express themselves, experiment, create stories, explore alternative narratives, use metaphors to represent their feelings, and externalize them by creating characters.



Understanding Art and Culture plays a significant role in our curriculum to teach students different artistic skills and abilities, pique their curiosity, and broaden their interests. Here, students will participate in instrumental classes, pick the instrument that interests them from an extensive collection of musical instruments, get acquainted with the history of arts, and appreciate music through unique approaches.

Students will also get the chance to participate in dance classes, painting classes, create their own small masterpieces with clay, and make pottery. Moreover, students will engage in activities such as visiting art galleries, museums, and art schools.

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