The Oxford International Curriculum (OCI) offers coherence, continuity, and consistency to ensure a smooth transition at every stage of the educational journey. The curriculum aims to support students in creative problem solving, encourage them to exercise curiosity, and take academic risks. And to prepare the learners for the fast-changing world and equip them to shape their future.

Understanding the World

The focus of the daily classes is to give immediate insight into our world. That is why we have specially designed courses called “Me and the world around me,” where our little curious Bridgeman learners try to understand nature, cherish it, and live in harmony with nature.

This also helps create a good bond between a young person growing and their responsibilities about the nature and the environment itself. The classes are not limited to understanding the environment. This develops further to exploring and understanding science.

From a very young age, the Dream Bridgeman Academy gives children the chance to find themselves as little explorers and scientists by doing some experiments and discovering the process of creating, analyzing something; for instance, how the soup bubbles and why they grow big when you blow. Later in Year 1, this will fall under the category of science.


Curriculum Scheme

The Oxford International Curriculum offers end-to-end teaching and learning support alongside our teachers’ continuous and robust professional development. The scheme of work is the overview and the detailed plan of work of each subject, providing timetabling options by year group and week-by-week teaching suggestions.

Nursery - Little curious Bridgeman

Nursery education at the Dream Bridgeman Academy provides children age 2 to 3 years old a warm, safe environment where they are encouraged to explore by engaging in indoor and outdoor activities.

The curriculum for very young learners aims to foster a classroom environment where students develop the skills for success. The four primary skills that the Academy emphasis in the nursery are the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport or Identification Card (if applicable).

Later as they grow, they cover all four aspects of the skillsets. The four main components of wellbeing are:

  • Taking care of my body
  • Taking care of my mind
  • Taking care of relationships
  • Taking care of self and the world

Expressive Arts

To introduce the world of music is another joy. In the nursery, students will start to understand rhythm and play with percussion instruments. During music sessions, a musical professional will assist the students in choosing, experimenting, touching, and playing every instrument while teaching them the basics.

Physical Development

At our Academy, we have a vast area with age proper playground, garden, indoor swimming pool, and an indoor gym. Every day our young learners have the chance to go outside, play, and get fresh air at least three times. Additionally, some classes are conducted outside of the classroom because we firmly believe that the fresh air guarantees health and t are the basics of good physical and emotional growth.

Logic (Math)

In the nursery, children will participate in activities that require logic and concentration. Every toy and game is carefully chosen to meet this goal. These are the fundamental steps to prepare young children to understand math when they get older.

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