Oxford International Curriculum

Dream Bridgeman Academy operates within the Oxford International Curriculum framework. The curriculum shapes the future generation and prepares them for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (International GCSE), the UK equivalent of school-leaving or university entrance examinations when students graduate from primary school.

The Academy adopts a modern approach to teaching and learning thanks to the Oxford International Curriculum. The curriculum’s wellbeing and global skills projects support the practice of healthy habits of body and mind and give students essential skills such as creative thinking skills, real-world skills, interpersonal skills, and self-development skills that they can apply today and in the future to enhance their lives and succeed in an ever-evolving world.

Additionally, the teachers at the Dream Bridgeman Academy pursue continuing professional development to remain effective over the years and keep up-to-date with constant changes in education to ensure optimal student learning. Through professional development, teachers keep up with new pedagogical developments and educational contexts and make necessary changes to their teaching styles to better suit the needs of their students

Physical Development

At our Academy, we have a vast area with age proper playground, garden, indoor swimming pool, and an indoor gym. Every day our young learners have the chance to go outside, play, and get fresh air at least three times. Additionally, some classes are conducted outside of the classroom because we firmly believe that the fresh air guarantees health and t are the basics of good physical and emotional growth.

Logic (Math)

In the nursery, children will participate in activities that require logic and concentration. Every toy and game is carefully chosen to meet this goal. These are the fundamental steps to prepare young children to understand math when they get older.

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