Vision and


Dream Bridgeman Academy’s vision is “Better education for a better future.” To make that vision a reality, the Academy has adopted a very understandable, practicable, and modern curriculum to provide the future generation the best knowledge and skills to succeed in their lives.

Curiosity leads to learning. That’s why we provide our students an enabling environment and encourage them to be curious, explore, use their senses, discover new things and ideas, and take part in different experiences to become lifelong learners.



Dream Bridgeman Academy’s mission is to provide students healthy environment to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing and help them achieve their dreams by discovering their full potential through creative freedom and a modern approach to teaching. The Dream Bridgeman Academy aims to prepare a healthy generation that will become a valuable asset in society.

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Address: Leningradyan 31/12
Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: +374 93 703005